Beaumaris Beach Guest House on the magnificent east coast of Tasmania provides the ideal base for exploring the beauty of nature while indulging in fresh seafood and a range of exceptional quality regional foods with tastes to delight many a foodie.  A short walk beside Reedy Creek brings you to the pristine white sands and clear waters of Beaumaris surf beach.  Easy drives north or south will give access to a range of beaches and inland waterfalls, world class mountain bike trails, fishing spots, golf courses, and wildlife reserves.  Enjoy a breakfast featuring local produce in the shared dining room before exploring the solitude of the Bay of Fires, untouched Freycinet, or the historical Trail of the Tin Dragon.  Spacious and comfortable guest rooms provide for quiet relaxation with board games, books, and the opportunity to reflect in front of a wood fire at the end of the day.  The nearby villages of St Helens, Scamander and St Marys provide the opportunity to engage with locals and visitors from across the world while enjoying a variety of events during the year.  Original art works decorate the walls of the Guest House, including pieces offered for sale.

28 May 2020 - Today began with the arrival by truck of a pair of king single divan beds which can be clipped and zipped together to make a full king-sized bed.  These were made last Tuesday at the factory in Launceston.  Separately, linen sheets in white and doona covers in sliver and in hazelnut also arrived today by Australia Post to fit this arrangement.  This means we will have the flexibility (when that room is painted and we reopen it) to take bookings from guests travelling together who would prefer not to share the same bed.  Exciting - and if it is popular, we will extend this to other rooms also.  It also means we will have a carved timber queen bed base and mattress for sale - after our own bed arrives from Sydney.  With the reopening of borders for some purposes, this may be mid-June . . . 

Shortly after the truck delivering the beds had left, the truck arrived to pump out the septic tanks.  This operator soon formed the opinion that this may not have been done for some time.  Once he had prised off the lid we found roots from the allocasurina tree nearby had formed a mat some centimetres thick across the top of the liquid, in which lived families of earthworms.  This was all removed before the tanks were cleared - and we puzzled over the question of why people flush baby wipes and plastic cups down toilets.  Where do they think these things go?  They clearly are not biodegradable.  The tank lid was then put back, and it was time for the second shower of the day!

The front garden is now cleared, with many of the plants moved to new homes in other gardens. 

27 May 2020 - what3words contacted us to say their small factory is closed due to the coronavirus, and so we have cancelled that order for signs and will receive a refund.  We will include the location words in the new signs we are having designed in Launceston, instead.  Commenced clearing the garden at the front of the house, ready for the verandah infill work to be done.

26 May 2020 - Excitingly, we measured the area under the front verandah today so that we can remove the tired infill of reads and bamboo and replace it with horizontal timber boards.  This led to discussion on the location of joins, whether to use nails or screws, and on the spacing between boards - but the end result is going to look so much better!

25 May 2020 - This time we did hear the wind overnight, but by morning all was still.  Renovations continued during the day.  We used what3words to locate the vehicle and pedestrian entrances to our guest house - ///colleague.zapped.beekeepers and ///viewed.trappings.gazes - and added these to the instructions for guests to find us.  We have also ordered matching signs from the what3words factory in South Africa.

24 May 2020 - Wind did not wake us, and the cage was still in place in the morning.  We spent much of the day using Zoom to meet with family and friends, and continued with renovations in between these.  Again there were warnings of strong winds overnight, so we brought the birds indoors this time.

23 May 2020 - If the wind came, then it left without disturbing either of us or the cage and we woke to find all was fine.  The highlight of the day was 'attending' the wedding of a couple in NSW, with the service broadcast through YouTube.  We were also asked to dress up for the wedding, and to take a photo and send it to them, so we did that too and wish them both well as they walk on together.  After changing back into 'work clothes' we continued with plastering, varnishing and painting - and heard the warning that strong winds are expected this evening again also!

22 May 2020 - The dawning sun spread yellow fingers from the golden edges of the clouds on the horizon, and although it was 3 degrees it felt much warmer as I went through the morning exercise routine.  On the way to the hardware for plaster I stopped to photograph the autumn leaves in King George V Memorial Avenue, planted at the northern entrance to St Helens in 1937 a year after the death of that king (great-grandfather to Queen Elizabeth II).  The afternoon was mainly spent in plastering sections of the guest rooms which had never been completed, in the alcoves of rooms 2 and 3.  There is a strong wind expected along the north east coast tonight, so I have put our metal garden chair against the side of the bird cage in the hope that will prevent the birds being forced into another adventure in the darkness.

21 May 2020 - Today our website was opened for all to see, with many images taken during six weeks we have been here.  It has been developed over the past weeks using Canvas from Little Hotelier and the patient guidance of their trainer; and has slowly became accessible to family and friends throughout the day.  Apparently it will take up to 72 hours before it will appear on all web browsers!

We woke this morning to find that a wind had passed in the night.  Our two cockatiels, Peter and Chilli, had accompanied us in the move to Tasmania.  We had bought them a larger cage, on wheels, about a week ago.  They were fine, but they passing wind had blown the cage across the paved area at our Reception door, down the stairs and onto its side.  Fortunately they were discovered just as dawn broke, and so they had not yet had time to explore the gap where their floor had been!  The panel was retrieved, reattached, and the cage wired to the House.

Tonight thousands of stars bare silent witness from the dark of a cloudless sky, as the waves of the Tasman excited by a low pressure system further to the north and east crash onto the sands of Beaumaris Beach.